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Long Way Back

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Long Way Back


Dear Maple Leafers! This week , the English Center is honored to have our beautiful teacher Rena share her journey back to Yiwu. Let's listen to her “Long Way Back” story.


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“ When we all went on winter holidays, no one could imagine they would be much longer than had been planned. Though we were outside of China each one of us followed closely the situation in the country, praying for the nation and our friends to be safe, to recover as soon as possible.


When the situation started to change, we received the message from our school suggesting to come back. Even this first step - the tickets - wasn’t easy because lots of airlines had simply stopped all the flights to China. We had to improvise and explore new (though very expensive and long) routes.



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When the day came, I prepared all the surgical masks, hand sanitizers and wet wipes I could find - we’ve also been experiencing shortage in supplies in our countries.


The flight to Beijing was long and exhausting, I didn’t know that was only the beginning. When we landed and were about to get off the plane, the captain asked us to remain in our seats. Some Chinese people came in and started reading out some of the passengers names, asking them to come to the exit with all their belongings. We learnt they were coming from Italy and some other places. Two of them were sitting right next to me during the whole flight. The same was repeated 3 or 4 times. The captain announced we could go and as we stood up he asked us to sit down again and the Chinese officials called some more names. I had a further flight to Yiwu, which I didn’t make because of all the delays and checking.


After about 3 hours we were allowed to leave the plane. The bus took us to the terminal, where we had our body temperature measured and went through the customs. By that time my flight to Yiwu had been long gone, so I had to find the closest hotel where I had to fill in health checking forms and had my temperature measured again. I had already been traveling for more than 24 hours and was exhausted, and there were no more flights to Yiwu that day.


The next day we had to start all over again at the airport. First, doctors measured our temperature, then at the check-in we filled in some more forms on paper and had to scan the airline QR code to fill in some more forms. Before boarding, they checked the information from QR codes and our body temperature. After finally landing in Yiwu, we had to check our body temperature in the plane, then after entering the terminal. We also filled some more forms and had to scan Jinhua Health Code with Alipay. At this step I had a major problem - my Alipay account is registered with my old passport, that expired long ago and I no longer have it. So when the staff member compared the Code with my current passport, he could see the difference. Luckily, it all ended well and I was allowed to take my luggage and enter Yiwu so I could have some more check up when I finally arrived to school three days after I left my hometown.

第二天,在机场又重复所有的程序:测量体温、办理登机手续、填写纸质表格、电子表格... 最后在义乌降落后,又是检查体温、填写表格并使用支付宝申请金华的健康代码,在这一步我遇到了一个大问题——我的支付宝账户是用旧护照注册的,旧护照已经过期很久了,工作人员将代码与我目前的护照进行细心的核对比较,幸运的是,一切都很顺利,在离开家乡三天后我终于带着行李到达了久违的义乌枫叶校园。

Though it took me twice as long and twice as much money to get back, I was very impressed with the measures implemented to control the current situation. It’s all being done to keep people safe and that’s what matters. Hard work of doctors, of all people to prevent the spreading of the virus and to help cure already infected people - that’s why now the epidemic situation in China is under control and that’s why the country is becoming one of the safer destinations in the world.

虽然我花了双倍的时间和金钱才回到中国义乌,但这一切使我对中国控制当前局势的措施印象深刻。这都是为了保护人们的身体健康和生命安全,现在中国的疫情得到了有效控制,在中国我感觉到很安全! 同时希望疫情早点结束,我们能早点相聚在枫叶的校园。”

How do you feel after reading Rena’s story? Don't you feel like she has been through a lot! Let me tell you that every foreign teacher returning to school might have to experience the same. I sincerely hope that our students can appreciate foreign teachers’ online classes and, at the same time, I also want to say to our dear ESL teachers - thank you all, for your hard work, we love you!